Why Choose CHOCCHICK’s Baby Nest

As market research deepens and customer feedback accumulates, the demand for baby nest continues to grow. To meet the diverse functional needs of the market, we continuously update and improve our product models, aiming to provide comprehensive solutions.

Versatile for Various Scenes, Comprehensive Functionality

Our baby nests feature diverse designs to accommodate different usage scenarios. At home, parents can put the baby nests on a bed, allowing babies to sleep safely and comfortably close to them.

This enhances the baby’s sense of security and enables parents to care for them conveniently. When parents are busy in the living room, they can put the baby nest on the sofa or floor, ensuring that babies are always within sight for monitoring sleep and play activities.

During travel or outdoor activities, the baby nests can provide a comfortable resting place, freeing parents’ hands and allowing them to enjoy the journey more relaxedly.

For newborns, the consistent feel and even scent of the same bed provide a sense of security, making a portable baby bed essential for ensuring the baby’s sleep.

CHOCCHICK has long been committed to developing various styles of baby nests precisely for this reason.

Multiple Style Designs, Meeting Diverse Needs

As a professional baby products designer and manufacturer ,we offer several styles of baby nests tailored to different customer needs, each with unique functionalities and features:

Model 1 : Baby Nest 2.0-A With Swaddle Belt: 

This model is larger than typical baby nests on the market, measuring 60cm in width, 90cm in length, and 15cm in height.

The increased size provides more space for babies and caters to different body types. The dense, thickened high-density sponge makes the bed frame more sturdy and safe.

Additionally, it features a dual-layer mattress design with a 100% cotton surface for soft comfort, customizable with various printed patterns to suit different market preferences.

The lower mattress layer includes reinforced support boards for better back support, and the upper layer is waterproof to reduce the risk of soaking the bed due to bedwetting.

Most importantly, this model includes strap functions to prevent babies from being startled awake during sleep and can be opened up for more activity space. We have a patent for this product.

baby nest with swaddle belt

Baby nest 2.0-a with swaddle belt

Newborn baby lounger nest sleeper with swaddle belt for 0-24 months

Model 2 : Baby Nest 2.0-B With Bar:

This model retains the main functionalities of the strap model while incorporating removable pillars on both sides to securely position the baby during sleep. The pillars can be detached as needed for convenience.

baby nest with bar

Baby nest 2.0-b with bar

Portable baby nest bed with bar for 0-24 months newborn infant

Model 3 : Baby Nest 3.0 with Sunshade, Mosquito Net, and Toy Rack:

Designed specifically for outdoor use, this version includes detachable sunshades and mosquito nets for sun protection and mosquito prevention, creating a better sleep environment for babies.

It also comes with a detachable toy rack adorned with toys like stars and moons to attract the baby’s attention, reducing the pressure on parents to soothe the baby.

Additionally, the mattress of this baby nest features 3D mesh fabric for excellent breathability and soft cotton fiber filling under the mesh fabric for enhanced comfort.

baby nest with sunshade and mosquito net

Baby nest 3.0 with sunshade and mosquito net

Portable baby nests with sunshade and mosquito net for newborn babies

Model 4 : Baby Nest 4.0 Portable Mosquito Net:

This model utilizes a combination of metal frame and plastic fittings for enhanced structural stability, featuring one-click folding and unfolding for convenient storage and deployment.

The mesh fabric around the bed frame allows babies to see their surroundings, increasing their sense of security while allowing parents to monitor them easily.

When folded, the baby nest features a handy carry handle and includes a mini, stylish backpack for carrying essentials like diapers during outings.

baby nest with mosquito net

Baby nest 4.0 with mosquito net

Breathable mesh foldable baby nest lounger with mosquito net

Model 5 : Baby Nest 5.0 Compact Version of Baby Nest 2.0:

Optimized in size and packaging to be lighter and more adorable for newborns. The new design makes it easier for parents to carry while reducing packaging space, enhancing convenience.

small size portable Baby nest

Small size baby nest lounger with belt

Simple Assembly, Convenient Storage

Each baby nest is designed for easy assembly and disassembly, requiring only a few steps.

We also provide a backpack for each model, making it convenient for parents to carry without taking up much space.

This design ensures that the baby nests can be easily stored when not in use, further enhancing user experience.

baby nest size and package
Size and storage bag of CHOCCHICK’s baby nest

Diverse Customization, Meeting Individual Needs

We offer diversified customization services for baby nests, tailoring products according to the latest market functional requirements. Customization options include product packaging, manuals, dimensions, colors, fabrics, accessories, etc.

Our existing styles include 100% pure cotton with soft sponge and breathable waterproof mattresses, eco-friendly bamboo fiber materials, and cationic fabrics, ensuring adaptation to market demands.

Strict Quality Control, Ensuring Quality

Throughout the production process, we strictly control every step for quality and timeliness. Our professional product team supervises production to ensure compliance with high standards.

Our production workers undergo rigorous training to ensure they possess high-level production skills and quality awareness. Each baby lounger undergoes rigorous testing on the production line to ensure product safety and durability.


The demand for baby nests continues to grow, and through continuous innovation and improvement, we meet the diverse needs of the market.

Our multiple style designs, versatility for various scenes, easy assembly, optimized sizes, diverse customization options, and strict quality control ensure the high quality and excellent performance of our baby nests.

If you have any ideas, CHOCCHICK’s engineers can transform your ideas into products and share the product patent with you.Please feel free to contact us!

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