Swing Chair for Infants

Swing Chair for Infants

Electric Portable Baby Swing Chair for Newborn Baby

  • 4 Natural Swing Speeds: Our infant swing come with 4 different swing speeds.
  • Button&Remote Contol: 2 Way Control makes operating the baby swing flexible and easy.Parents can select the desired preset lullabies and timer setting of 8, 15, 30 or 60 minutes.
  • Bluetooth Music Player: This baby rocker for infants has 6 preset lullabies.
  • Soft Removable Seat Pad&headrest: Made of high quality soft fabrics for ultimate comfort on at home.
  • Great for Any Newborn: For babies 6-24 months or up to 33lbs

swing chair for infants swing chair for infants swing chair for infants

  • Product name: Baby Swing Chair
  • Brand name: CHOC CHICK
  • Material: Polyester / ABS plastic / metal
  • Color: Grey / Pink / Blue
  • Age range of use: 6-24 months
  • Size: 65*70*53cm
  • Installing: Easy to install
  • Lock: three-point harness
  • Customization: logo, package, manual
  • Certificate: EN Standards-CE

Our classic swing chair for infants offers a soothing combination of gentle swinging motions designed to keep your baby calm and entertained.

Crafted with a soft seat, it ensures optimal comfort for your little one, providing a cozy environment for relaxation and play.

The sturdy frame guarantees safety and stability, while the machine-washable seat cover makes cleaning effortless, ensuring convenience for parents.

Enjoy four different swing speeds tailored to find the perfect calming pace to relax your baby swiftly.

Featuring a two-way control system, operating the baby swing is flexible and simple.

Parents can easily select preset lullabies and adjust timers for 8, 15, 30, or 60 minutes, enhancing ease of use.

Our swing chair for infants includes six preset lullabies and allows you to play your baby’s favorite soothing songs or nursery rhymes from your phone via Bluetooth.

This feature provides peaceful or joyful moments for your little one, enhancing their sensory engagement.

Made from high-quality, soft fabrics, the seat pad and headrest ensure ultimate comfort at home.

Both are machine washable and reversible, offering added convenience for cleaning.

Two plush toys are included to stimulate and engage your baby during playtime, promoting sensory development and entertainment.

It is designed to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for your growing baby, combining comfort, entertainment, and ease of use in one versatile product.

Experience peace of mind and comfort with our feature-rich baby swing chair, crafted to provide soothing relaxation and engaging entertainment for your little one.

Whether calming with gentle swings, enjoying music, or playing with plush toys, our swing offers a nurturing environment that grows with your baby’s needs.

Invest in a quality product that enhances your baby’s early development while providing practical convenience for modern parenting.

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