Baby Diaper Changing Table

Baby Diaper Changing Table

Baby Diaper Changing Table Adjustable Height for Newborn Baby and Infant 

  • Free your waist with great design
  • Multi-function scenarios
  • Quick folding design
  • Strengthen load-bearing
  • Strong support plate

baby diaper changing table baby diaper changing table baby diaper changing table

  • Product name:Baby Diaper Changing Table
  • Brand name:CHOC CHICK
  • Material:PVC+ABS+Aluminum+PP+oxford
  • Color:Black / Pink / Grey
  • Age range of use:0-1 Years Old
  • Size:80*52cm
  • Single package size: 81*58.8*40 cm
  • Single gross weight: 16.000 kg
  • Customization:Logo,Package

Our baby diaper changing table has 3-Level of Height adjustment.

Adapt to the use of members of different heights in the family. It will significantly prevent backache and pains from bending or kneeling.

No need to bend down, European style folding changing table, plenty of space, waterproof fabric.

One-click fold, multiple rooms, safe and stable, triangular frame, reinforced steel frame, environmentally friendly materials.

Our baby diaper changing table offers unmatched durability, safety, and convenience. Which can ensure a seamless and pleasant experience for both caregivers and little ones.

Three main functions: easy to change diapers/clothes for your baby without bending over, massage care, organizing and storing your baby’s supplies.

With ergonomic designs and easy-to-clean surfaces, maintenance is a breeze, allowing your staff to focus more on caring for the children and less on upkeep.

The compact and stylish designs of our tables make them a perfect fit for any space, seamlessly blending into your existing decor while providing essential functionality.

At the bottom of the legs there are different gears, which can be adjusted in height with a difference of about 3cm.

The top layer of the raised safety fence is equipped with a safety buckle and a giraffe pattern.

It also has a size measurement size, which is convenient for the baby to record the size change during the growth process.

Our changing tables come with a range of customizable options, allowing you to choose features that best suit your business’s specific needs.

From fold-down tables to wall-mounted units, we offer versatile solutions that maximize space efficiency without compromising on quality.

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