Bed Guard Rail for Toddlers

Bed Guard Rail for Toddlers

Baby Bed Guard Rail for Toddlers, Twin, Full, King and Queen Beds

  • Flexible and adjustable: height adjustable (80-95 cm) and length (90-200 cm) for individual needs – yes, also fall protection bed 200 cm.
  • Travel friendly & easy to install: Easy to install without drilling. Our bed rail is also designed as a travel bed guard. 
  • Breathable mesh:The product has  a breathable mesh made of easy-to-clean material.
  • Comfortable access: 2-step security lock for unmatched security and quiet nights.
  • Tension belt: The set includes  a tension belt to stabilize the barrier.
  • Lowering system: The barrier has  a lowering system , thanks to which it can be lowered to the height of the mattress.

bed guard rail for toddlers bed guard rail for toddlers bed guard rail for toddlers bed rail certifications

  • Brand Name:Chocchick
  • Model Number: Bed Guard Rail for Toddlers 8.0
  • Size:150*80cm/180*80cm/200*80cm/Customized
  • Ajustment Height: from 80cm to 105 cm
  • Cover Material: Polyester
  • Frame Material: Metal
  • Lock Method:2-step security lock
  • Colors:Blue/Grey/Customized
  • Logo:customization
  • Package: Standard export carton/customized


This bed guard rail for toddlers, the bottom of the frame is adjustable to adjust the height to the thickness of the mattress (80-95 cm).

The barrier has a lowering system, so you can lower it to the height of the mattress. (is additionally protected against child unlocking)

The top of the barrier is covered with foam, which protects the child from injuries. Don’t take it off.

The barrier has  a lowering system , thanks to which it can be lowered to the height of the mattress. (it is additionally protected against unlocking by a child)

Our bed guard rails feature a user-friendly design, making them easy to install and adjust, catering to various bed sizes and types.

The intuitive setup process ensures that parents can quickly and securely install the guard rail without professional assistance.

With a focus on durability, our products withstand the test of time and active use, providing continuous protection for toddlers as they transition from cribs to beds.

The sleek, modern design ensures that they blend seamlessly with any bedroom decor, while the reinforced locking mechanism guarantees stability and safety.

The sturdy construction provides a reliable barrier, preventing accidental falls and offering parents peace of mind.

The smooth, rounded edges and non-toxic materials make our guard rails safe and comfortable for toddlers.

Our bed guard rails are versatile and adjustable, fitting various mattress sizes and bed types, from twin beds to queen-sized beds.

This adaptability makes our product an excellent choice for growing families and diverse needs.

Lightweight and easy to disassemble, our guard rails are perfect for travel. Parents can ensure their child’s safety, whether at home, on vacation, or visiting relatives.


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