Memory Foam Baby Pillow

Memory Foam Baby Pillow

Washable 100% Cotton Memory Foam Cute Pillow For Newborn Baby

  • Integrated memory cotton
  • Multi color and pattrn
  • Suitable for newborns
  • Pillowcase can be removed for cleaning
  • Helps shape the head

memory foam baby pillow

  • Product name:Baby Pillow
  • Brand name:CHOC CHICK
  • Material:100% cotton + 50D memory cotton
  • Color:Grey, Pink, Blue and pink
  • Age range of use:0-12 months
  • Size:27*41*2cm
  • Package: 80*48*70cm/ctn,130pcs/ctn,24.5kg/ctn
  • Customization:Pattern, Package

Crafted with utmost care and safety in mind, our memory foam baby pillow offers optimal spine alignment for infants, promoting healthier sleep patterns.

Ideal for pediatric clinics, maternity wards, and childcare facilities, our hypoallergenic pillow ensures a hygienic and cozy resting experience for young ones.

The body of a newborn is very soft and fragile because the baby is not yet fully developed.

Babies spend 70% of their day sleeping, and everything the baby comes into contact with is especially important at this time.

If you lay your baby directly on the floor or some flat surface, their head shape will easily become flat, which is what we often call flat head syndrome.

Baby pillows for newborns prevent flat heads and can effectively prevent baby’s head deformity and difficulty in breathing. It is the choice of thousands of parents.

The core area is a symmetrical slope design, uniform pressure, whether the baby lying on its side or rotating, can maintain the head round development Made of soft memory foam, the inner structure is soft and breathable.

That’s why we designed the Cloud Shaping Pillow for babies. Gives support to the head and neck to shape.

Concave scientific pillows of ideal size and depth for babies can perfectly relieve pressure on the head and neck.

This light weight baby pillow can be used from birth or in a stroller. Pillowcase removable machine washable. Be sure to air dry!

Invest in the best for your littlest clients and offer them the gift of restful, safe sleep with our trusted baby pillow.

Explore our range today and see why leading healthcare providers choose our memory foam baby pillow for superior infant care.

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