Foldable Baby High Chair

Foldable Baby High Chair

Multifunctional Infant Foldable High Chair for Babies & Toddlers

  • Multifunction: Our high chair grows with your child, serving as an eating chair, game chair, sleeping chair, feeding chair, and toddler chair for ages 6 to 36 months.
  •  Safety & Quality Baby High Chair: Features a 5-point safety harness, removable leg divider, and sturdy materials supporting up to 50 pounds.Tool-free setup, easy-to-remove seat for deep cleaning, BPA-free tray for sink washing, and a quick-clean polyurethane cover.
  • Easy Install and Cleaning: Tool-free setup, easy-to-remove seat for deep cleaning, BPA-free tray for sink washing, and a quick-clean polyurethane cover.
  • Adjustable: Customize height, tilt, footrest, and tray positions for optimal comfort, with 2 locking wheels for mobility.

foldable baby high chairfoldable baby high chair

  • Product name: Foldable High Chair
  • Brand name: CHOC CHICK
  • Material: Metal / PP plastic / PU Leather
  • Color: Green / Blue / Pink / Beige / Yellow /Customize
  • Age range of use: 6-36 months
  • Size: 54*83*99cm
  • Installing: Easy to install
  • Lock: three-point harness
  • Customization: logo, color, package
  • Certificate: EN Standards-CE

Our multifunctional foldable baby high chair is designed to evolve with your child from infancy through toddlerhood, making it an indispensable piece of furniture for every stage of their early years.

From the moment your baby is ready for solids at around 6 months old, our high chair serves as a reliable eating companion.

As your child grows into a more independent toddler, the high chair further transforms into a comfortable seat that encourages their autonomy.

We understand that safety is non-negotiable when it comes to baby gear.

That’s why our high chair is equipped with a robust 5-point safety harness and a removable leg divider

To ensure your little one stays securely in place throughout mealtime or playtime activities.

Crafted from durable materials, it supports children weighing up to 50 pounds, offering peace of mind to parents.

We know convenience matters, especially for busy parents.

Our foldable baby high chair is easy setup without the need for screws or wrenches, simplifying assembly and disassembly.

A polyurethane cover adds to the practicality by enabling swift wipe-downs for everyday spills and messes.

Two locking wheels facilitate easy movement from room to room, enhancing flexibility around your home.

Beyond functionality, our high chair boasts a timeless design that seamlessly integrates into any home decor style.

Its sleek lines and neutral color palette ensure it complements your existing furniture while offering a practical and stylish addition to your baby’s nursery or dining area.

With its versatility, safety features, ease of use, and stylish design, it’s a choice that grows with your family’s needs, providing comfort and convenience at every stage.

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