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Natural Wood in Kids' Decor

Whether in the crib, dresser, bed or even in smaller details such as shelves, the wood is elected as #1 material in the children's room decor for a good reason: Besides being practical, it brings a warm and cozy touch to any space.

Lately the material has appeared in increasingly natural versions, with almost imperceptible finish and, often, without protectors like varnishes. In this trend the rule is the less modifications the wood suffers, the better.

With the natural wood it is possible to compose several styles, but what is really trending in children's decor is to use this composition to follow the Scandinavian model. For this, just match the furniture with clean elements, in shades of white or light blue, for example.

Once chosen for your home decor, objects in natural wood require some care when it referers to cleaning, such as not using furniture polish and an extra caution to not be in contact with liquid or fat.

With the proper care, the maintenance is super easy and the result is beautiful and original.

To inspire our readers, we have made a selection of environments with natural wood that are versatile and possible to match with the things you already have at home.


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